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Enter your email address and click button to request your password.

When you click on an auction you should see the ranch’s logo, the ranch address and a user and password login box. If you do not then you can fix this by switching to Internet Explorer or updating Adobe Flash Player.

Chrome Users: You must click on the 3 dots at the top right of Chrome and then select settings. Then at the top there is a search area for Settings where you need to type Flash. Once you type in Flash there will be an area that says Content settings near the bottom to click on. Once you click on Content settings the next menu will have Flash listed. Click on Flash and you will see the words Allow and ADD. Click on ADD (across from Allow) and type in [*.] and hit ADD.

If you see the Image below Download Flash:

Once you have registered you will be approved prior to the sale by our representative at the sale and that you should be approved prior to an hour before the auction. If you have registered late and are awaiting approval you may type in the chat box that you are awaiting approval and in most cases our rep will approve you while the auction is going on. Approval is not guaranteed if you register during the auction.

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